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Shop the jewellery of owners Abby and Frances.

Shop by the designers currently on display at Franny and Filer.

Claire Lowe jewellery 11_edited.jpg
Claire Lowe
Claire Troughton
Clare Llyod
Dee Barnes jewellery 6.jpg
Dee Barnes
Emma Leonard jewellery 2_edited.jpg
Emma Leonard
Emma Ware jewellery 2_edited.jpg
Emma Ware
Felicity Gail
Gabriella Casemore
Gail Klevan
Gemma Scully
Hannah Coates
Jenifer Wall
Jessica Briggs
Joanne Cox
John and Dawn Field
Julia Smith
Julie Martin
Karen Howarth
Karen McMillan
Leoma Drew
Mandy Nash jewellery 15_edited.jpg
Mandy Nash
Michel Daykin
Michelle Keeling jewellery 1_edited.jpg
Michelle Keeling
Nicola Vance
Norman Eames
Pinar Kaya De Biasio
Rachel Darbourne
Rachel Rogers
Rebecca Beyond
Rebecca Lewis
Rosina Beech
Rozie Keogh
Sara Buk
Sarah Packington
Stephanie Mann
Syrah Jay
Tracey Birchwood
Vernon Stunt
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