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Arrabella Giles

Arrabella's first career couldn’t be further removed than that of a jeweller - she was a lawyer in London. In those days, the main colour was grey! But she always had a love for all forms of contemporary craft and in particular, contemporary handmade jewellery. Having left the law and London behind, Arrabella worked for a time in a local contemporary craft gallery where she got the benefit of being surrounded by gorgeous things but still hankered to be her own boss. When she started to learn to silversmith a few years ago, suddenly all the pieces began to fall into place.
Arrabella now works from her small garden studio in beautiful rural Dorset. Having been cooped up in an office for so long, she never tires of the Dorset countryside and coast and gains great inspiration from the glorious colours and patterns that occur naturally in plants, trees and landscapes. Arrabella seeks to reflect those natural colours and patterns in more linear and abstract forms in the way she dyes the anodised aluminium.

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