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Elsiem - Lorraine Hitt

Lorraine Hitt is the creator & designer of this stylish & modern independent jewellery brand, based in Cambridge, UK. Lorraine studied and self taught the art of metal smith to enable her to create hand crafted metal pieces and now also use that skill to incorporate metal into her latest design development of 3D Printing too. She has recently launched a very exciting range of modern designs made from a material called Selective Laser Sintering Nylon that is 3D Printed from her CAD designs. The 3D prints are dyed with a fabric dye, Lorraine then adorns some of them with metal elements which gives an interesting unity of modern technology with traditional metal smithing skills. This has given a whole new dimension to her jewellery collections and she is always learning and evolving techniques and materials to keep her work fresh and innovative. 

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