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Tracey Birchwood

Tracey is originally from Manchester and graduated in 3-Dimensional Design at University where she majored in ceramics. Here we have her Petal and Wrap collection.

Her Wrap designs are made from black porcelain intricately wrapped with very fine jewel-coloured wire decoration. Individual designs combine multiple porcelain drops with simple fittings and can come in nine different colourways of wire for that flash of individuality. 

Each petal within her Petal collection is hand formed out of porcelain clay. These are then fired and glazed, to have different matt and shiny textures. Each one is then decorated with a special ceramic ‘lustre’ glaze – the gold contains real gold and the silver coloured lustre contains real platinum! These are painted onto the petals to colour the petals or to form intricate patterns including lots of spots and stripes! Once the lustres have been fired onto the petals, the petals are then carefully linked together to form earrings and necklaces. Tiny freshwater pearls are used to embellish the pieces. All the fittings, earrings and chains are made from sterling silver.

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