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Susanna Hanl

Susanna is a self-taught jeweller based in Yorkshire. All of her pieces are one-offs in silver and gold, as well as bronze, copper and brass. Many of them are set with diamonds, pearls or unusual precious and semi precious stones. Susanna loves the idea that every piece is unique, which makes it even more special for the person who wears it. The inspiration for her work comes from art, nature, conversations and chance.

From £380

Salmon tourmaline £280

Morganite £280

Sapphire £280

From £150

Prasiolite POA

Amethyst POA

From £130

Apatite £170

Lolite £196

Fire Opal £196

Morganite £280

Pink Tourmaline £220

Sapphire £280

Bi-coloured Tourmaline £210

Pink Tourmaline £270

Diamond £196

Mali Garnet £270

Diamond £196

Andalusite £220

Diamond - poa

Pink Tourmaline £200

Green Tourmaline £280

Sapphire £240

Mandarin Garnet £240

Amethyst £280

Diamond chip £240

Citrine £200

Citrine (Millenium cut) £300

Citrine £200