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Rozie Keogh

Necklace £295

Rozie makes glamorous jewellery, mainly in silver with gemstones and pearls. She uses a combination of traditional metalwork and textile techniques. Her work draws inspiration from an interest in textiles, religious imagery and fairy tales. Some of the more elaborate pieces contain a narrative. Although there are repeated motives in the jewellery the designs are constantly evolving.

Rozie studied Illustration at Harrow School of Art. In 1990 she returned to college at Hereford College of Art and Design for Design Crats HND. She is a member of Alloy, Hereford Jewellers Group. She has exhibited widely nationally and taken part in major craft fairs.

Rozie also works on a larger scale, producing wire sculpture. She has worked on several site-specific projects. Rozie has worked in educational establishments as a visiting artist, leading workshops.

Although she now works three-dimensionally, she continues to illustrate life and stories with her work.

Necklace £95

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