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Kay Morgan

Studs £16

Kay Morgan is a contemporary designer maker who trained in Constructed Textiles (knit, weave and tapestry) and now makes leather bags, purses and jewellery.

Kay makes every item herself from the garden studio of her Bristol home.

Kay's work is based on a love of colour, texture and pattern. She loves combining all these elements, trying to change elements all the time to try and keep pieces as unique as possible.

Although not trained in leather working, she likes to use leather working techniques and tools combined with her textile training to produce unusual, colourful and fun jewellery.

Studs £14

Earrings £20
Earrings  £20

Studs £10

Earrings £10

Earrings £28

Earrings £28

Necklace £32

Earrings  £15

Studs £14

Studs £14

Studs £14

Earrings £22