Franny Filer

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Helen Russell

Helen's Blob Bird range pays homage to the wide variety of fat little birds that nest in the hedge outside her house and feast in her garden. Her particular favourite is the Robin who regularly sits and watches Helen with his beady little eye. He was chosen to start the range but has since been joined by MR & MRS Bluetit.

Helen's hedge is just like a little city for birds. There are numerous entrances and exits and every so often you see a bird scooting along a branch deep inside the greenery. This is where the inspiration for Tweet St came from. All illustrative elements are hand drawn to make sure every picture is unique.


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Home is where the teabags are mug - £12.50

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Flower blob jug £15

Daisy chain mug and teapot- £12.50-£25

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Good egg cup - £7

Bad egg cup - £7

Batman and robin egg cups - £7 each

Pow mug - £12.50

Batman and robin mug - £12.50

mini bird house jug -£12
bird house large jug - £20
Daisy chain sugar bowl - £14
daisy egg cup - £7
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