Franny Filer

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Hannah May Chapman

Bangles £50 - £70 each

With hidden depth and meaning found in most work these days, Hannah has chosen to hide nothing in her jewellery. She aims to entertain; by using bright colours, a combination of obvious and abstract forms and a variety of materials. Hannah lets her sense of humour speak for itself and her jewellery stand out.

The work on view at Franny & Filer is from Hannah's 'Squared Up' collection, which came from 'squaring up' to herself in order to produce a new collection of fun and quirky jewellery for all to enjoy; it combines sterling silver, brightly coloured polymer clay, silk nylon thread and semi-precious stones.

Photographs by Natalie de la Mare.

Necklace £130

Earrings £80

Brooch £110

Earrings £160

Necklace £60   Bangle £50   Ring £30