Franny Filer

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Dee Barnes

Earrings £70

These mixed media pieces are created for a collection of one off ranges of contemporary jewellery originating from abstract paintings using acrylics, oils, pastels, gold and silver leaf and other mixed media. The paintings are mounted, cut into shapes and framed in copper foil. The pieces are then coated in a layer of resin. Once dried, the shapes are backed with pewter and assembled into a range of brooches, pendants, necklaces and earrings. All hooks and ear studs are sterling silver. All chains are rose gold plated, nickel free metal.

They are very individual and come in groups according to the painting used at the time. Each piece is very light weight and has glass or enamel like quality as the resin magnifies the colours and textures beneath. Every single piece is a one-off, not even the pairs are the same and the paintings cannot be recreated once they have been used so you are buying an original piece of artwork.

Earrings £32

Earrings £44

Earrings £20

Ring £100 - size O

Earrings £44

Earrings £44

Studs £20

Necklace £76

Ring £120 - size P

Ring £100 - size P