Franny Filer

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Abby Filer robins

Robin hook earrings £55

Abby has made a feature of her favourite bird the Robin in this unique collection of jewellery. 

Each robin is hand cut by Abby in either silver or 9ct yellow gold and then a bold red breast cut from printed aluminium sheet is added to the breast.

All pieces will vary as Abby does hand cut the robins.
Robin long hook earrings £60
Robins in circles earrings £62

Robin in circle pendant £60

Robins on straight hook earrings £55
Love robins necklace £80
Robin pendant £55
Robin bracelet £55
Robin bangle £90
Robin with cubic zirconia eye pendant £68

Robin hoop earrings £85

Robin on branch earrings £82

Robin on branch necklace £80

Love robin necklace with cz eyes £93

Robin on a branch necklace with cz eye £93

Robin bracelet with cz eye £68

Robin earrings £60

Robin on long branch necklace £80

Robin necklace £55